Corona Croatia

About the coronavirus in Croatia

„Are there any fears of traveling to Croatia, such as discrimination of Asian tourists due to the coronavirus?“ Recently, we often receive such questions, so we will write about the current situation of coronavirus in Croatia.

  1. About coronavirus in Croatia

So far, no cases of infections have been reported in Croatia, and according to statistics, there are no infected people. A group of 29 tourists from Wuhan passed Croatia one month ago, at the end of January, but no infections have been reported.

  1. About the discrimination of Asian tourists in Croatia

We sometimes hear about discrimination of Asian tourists in Europe due to the coronavirus, such as graffiti on restaurants in France, but similar situation has not yet been confirmed in Croatia.

When Asian tourists are walking around town, they can feel that local people are staring at them, especially in the off-season when only Asian groups are travelling around Croatia. Please understand that the staring is the normal behavior of locals and it has nothing to do with coronavirus. Furthermore, while walking around town, local boys and young men can tease Asian tourists by shouting „Corona!“ at them. Again, please understand that teasing is normal among young locals, and, if coronavirus wasn’t popular subject in the time of travel, they would most probably shout something like „ching-cheng-chong“! It is important not to take it personally.

In Croatia, people do not put on a mask as a way of precaution. If somebody is wearing a mask, locals do not see it as a way of prevention, they see it as the person is sick. If you’re not comfortable being looked at, we recommend to not wear mask in public.

In Croatia, beautiful flowers are starting to bloom and the spring is knocking on the door. You do not have to worry, you just have to enjoy your time in beautiful and safe Croatia!